Temporary Peak Season Shipping Changes

Courier peak season surcharge rate is now if effect and has driven shipping prices up by almost 20% which means some temporary changes to the flat rate shipping on the site will be changing temporarily into the New Year. 

Starting Monday November 15th flat rate shipping cost on the website will increase by approximately $2. Canada a post calculated rates will be left as an option at checkout since, surprisingly, their rates haven’t increased as much compared to couriers. 

• If you are shipping to a POBOX please select the Canada post rate

• If not shipping to a POBOX and Canada post is selected it will more than likely ship via Canada post unless it’s much cheaper to ship via courier than I will contact you to see which way you prefer

• If actual shipping comes to less than what was paid you will be refunded the difference. 

• If you’d like to supply your own label use code SUPPLYLABEL at checkout and make a note on the order. I will send you an email with the details. 

THIS IS ONLY TEMPORARY! I will reevaluate the shipping costs in the new year to see if they have decreased any. Most couriers do implement increases into the new year.