Screen Print Transfers FAQ

Screen Print Transfers FAQ:

Q: What materials can screen prints be applied to?
A: Transfers can be pressed on almost all materials/blends and colours. As long as the item can be ironed, you can apply a screen print. Not recommended for spandex materials. 
Q: What are the screen prints made using? 
A: These screen print transfers are made using plastisol inks  
Q: Where can I see all the available colours? 
A: All available Pantone colours can be seen here:
Please include the Pantone colour in your email if needed a specific colour.
Q: Do I need a heat press to apply the transfers?
A: YES! You must have a heat press (and, ideally, also an infrared thermometer). You cannot use an iron or a heat press and you need even and consistent/heavy pressure to properly adhere the print.
Q: How long do screen print transfers last on the garment?
A: As long as applied properly and proper washing/care the screen print will last as long as the shirt  
Q: Do screen prints expire?
A: No, plastisol screen print transfers do not expire.

Pressing: Press @ 350 to 375°F for 10-12 seconds with heavy pressure. 

Washing Instructions:
  • Machine wash inside out in cold water
  • No softener 
  • No bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Hang to dry